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Sunday, September 24, 2006

beginning the experiment

when the angel of the lord told sarah that she was going to have a child, sarah laughed a hearty laugh. like sarah, i have a difficult time believing that new life can come from some old bones. i am thankful that god found sarah's audacious behavior refreshing. perhaps it helped god to believe that sarah could handle what was coming. i just hope that god still wants us to have a enough spunk to laugh when things seem impossible. i also hope that god's belief is greater than mine. perhaps god can see in the progressive christian movement, in authentic and questioning faith, and even in me a place for life to begin.

this blog is an experiment. i'm daring to step into the ongoing progressive christian conversation about life, beauty, politics, the planet, authenticity, justice, and compassion. it's an experiment because my plan is to nurture an attitude and to create a space that is positive in its understanding of progressive christianity. too many progressive people of faith are burdened. the god they love and the faith they profess have been usurped by voices and movements that do not reflect or include them. but rather than using this space to counter the claims of others, i want to use it to explore the peaceable kin-dom, positively and unapologetically.

let's see where this goes...

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