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Saturday, March 17, 2007

christians protest for peace at washington national cathedral

In today's Seattle Times, an AP article by Sandra Karush tells how Christians gathered at the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, DC to pray for peace and for an end to the Iraq war now beginning its fifth year. I am not naive enough to believe that the use of force can never be exerted by a nation. However, as a Christian, my beliefs tell me that God is a God of peace and that war is never God's hope for us. My prayers were with those in the cathedral last night and I continue to pray for the end of this war. For those in the Seattle area, a prayer service sponsored by the Church Council of Greater Seattle will be held at 5PM on Sunday, March 18 at Seattle First Baptist Church. A rally for peace will follow on Monday, March 19, at 3PM downtown Seattle. I will participate in these events and it is my fervent hope that more Christians will witness to the God of peace by naming this war for what it is - immoral and unjust. I will preach on the war Sunday, March 18 in the 10:30AM service at Woodland Park United Methodist Church.

Christians gather in Washington, D.C. for protest against Iraq warBy Sarah Karush

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Thousands of Christians prayed for peace at an anti-war service Friday night at the Washington National Cathedral, kicking off a weekend of protests around the country to mark the fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq
.
For a video on the event at the Washington National Cathedral, go here.

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