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Monday, July 23, 2007

it's here...harry potter and the deathly hallows

I'm beat. My copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows arrived in the mail on the 21st at about 1:30 PM. At 1:00 AM - 11.5 hours later - I finally finished reading the tale.

My thoughts (without spoilers)? It's the best book of the series even though she leaves a number of questions hanging. The Christocentric/Christological message that has wound its way through all of the books rises to the fore. Rowling manages to do this without being "preachy" or making the book feel too much like a morality tale. I cried at one death. There were a couple of characters that didn't return that I wished could have. Parents may need to get kids younger than 14 y/o to read the book slowly in order to manage their reactions to the deaths. It's a wonderful exploration of death for adolescents...and adults, actually. It is also a great introduction for kids, but they will probably need some help with their emotions.

Main themes? Love, Power, Death, Grieving, Love of Mother for Child, Choice and Free Will, Loyalty and Fidelity, Good v Evil.

I have to start reading it again in order to write something coherent (I also need to get some sleep!).

UPDATE: Listen to JK Rowling read the first chapter!
Part 1

Part 2

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Anonymous said...

Who decides which books get press (Harry Potter) and which get censored? After all, censorship is becoming America's favorite past-time. The US gov't (and their corporate friends), already detain protesters, ban books like "America Deceived" from Amazon and Wikipedia, shut down Imus and fire 21-year tenured, BYU physics professor Steven Jones because he proved explosives, thermite in particular, took down the WTC buildings. Free Speech forever (especially for books).
Last link (before Google Books caves to pressure and drops the title):
America Deceived (book)

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