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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

how the news reports on episcopalians

According to the BBC, the Episcopal Church has agreed to halt the ordination of GLBT persons in order to head off a schism in the 77 million member Anglican communion. Yet the New York Times is reporting that the US bishops have done no more than to affirm stances already taken while demanding that foreign bishops (mainly African) cease their ordination of US clergy to serve breakaway churches within the US.

I find it fascinating how two news organizations can take the same experience and interpret it so differently - in opposite ways, actually.

I have been in prayer for the Anglican communion as a whole, but I especially pray for the Episcopal Church and the pressure that it is experiencing. I hope a schism isn't coming, but I hope more strongly that the US church stands as a witness faithful to the gospel as they have prayerfully and earnestly understood it.

Update: The Boston Globe contributes yet another voice with another perspective. It found a more moderate approach to the story.

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