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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who Would Jesus Smack Down?

In a recent article, the New York Times magazine featured an article about Mars Hill Church founder Mark Driscoll. I was interviewed for the article so I knew it was being written. When I read the final product I was surprised by its content. An article that I thought was going to be about the phenomenon of the church, the charisma of its pastor, and the church's place in the emerging church movement wound up to be more of an assessment of New or Neo Calvinism.

I'm wondering if others have read the article and what you thought of it. I am still mulling over its contents.

Since I was quoted (albeit a very short and insignificant quote) in the article, several members of the congregation that I serve have come to me to discuss Calvinism, how it differs from Wesleyanism (if I can use that as a word), and to delve more deeply into the particulars of theology. If the article achieves no more than that, I find it a very helpful thing.


Gregg said...

Thanks for the link, Katie. I found the article fascinating (in a "train-wreck-waiting-to-happen" kinda way. I appreciated your quote in the article. You make us Methodists proud!

Here is a question that I have been sitting with for some time now: How can I love even _______ (people like Mark Driscoll) as myself? It's hard to do, but it has really prompted a deepening of my spiritual life this past year.

Thanks for being you!

rev katie m ladd said...

I went to my weekly text study today in which we read the Jonah passage from next week's lectionary reading. How to love those with whom we disagree or simply dislike is a real challenge for us all. I take heart that Jonah struggled as well. It's very difficult to keep a gentle heart and strong beliefs at the same time. I know it's one of my biggest spiritual challenges, too!

Thanks for reading the blog!

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