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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

God and Dog - Wendy Francisco

Living a life of simplicity isn't as easy as it sounds. Being open to the world, to love, to life, and to all of God's abundance is a challenge for most of us. I've read a lot of books, many of which have been helpful and many of which sit on my bookshelves filled with profound thoughts long forgotten. Every now and again, I run across something that is just true -

Dr. Seuss had a lot of wisdom in his writings.
When my cat sits in my lap and purrs - now that's pretty wonderful, too.
When a baby breaks into a smile
or when I can smell Fall creeping in from summer -
these remind me of life's simple graces.

Wendy Francisco has a new book based on her video and song "God and Dog." Some people may find reasons to fault this simple song/book, but I loved it. It made me smile. And, I think the world is short on smiles these days. Thank you, Wendy.

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