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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lent 4A -Easier Not to See

As I prepare for this week's sermon on John 9:1-41,
I think about the blindness in our society.
We cut off
disability benefits,
collective bargaining rights,
unemployment benefits,
protection for our environment.
And, yet we still fight two wars
and one "non-war."
We consume.
We use.
We burn.
We blow up.
We divide.
We bicker.
We hate.
We do not see.
We do not see.
We do not see.

One thing is clear to me in John's gospel story.
We cannot be sent into the world
if we cannot see it.
We cannot heal it
if we do not love it.
We cannot.
We must first see.

Our eyes are closed,
There is too much to see
To see
is to love.
To love
is to act.
To act in love
is to heal
and not kill.

I wonder if we are ready
to wash in the Pool
of Sent.

But I pray to God
to rub our eyes with holy mud,
made from earth
and holy spit,
and to open our eyes
to new sights
that cannot
be unseen.

This is the Gospel of Our Lord:

To see.


Kbarckley said...

AMEN Katie!! May I your permission to send this out as one of the Lenten Reflections for this week? Of course you and your blog web address will be included.


Kbarckley said...

Oops! Meant to say "may I have your permission..."

Rev Katie M Ladd said...

Go ahead, Kay. Use away!

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