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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Progress on "Rhythms of Life: Sabbath" - a Video Curriculum

Yesterday, I showed the first session of my new video curriculum on Sabbath-keeping. It's a great resource for congregations that features Phyllis Tickle, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Amy-Jill Levine, Ched Myers, Robin Jensen, Norman Wirzba, Ellen Davis, Walter Brueggemann, Lauren Winner, Brian McLaren, Dorothy Bass, Majora Carter, Bill McKibben, and Jack Sasson. Each session is about 15-20 minutes long and comes with discussion questions and a handout with defined terms and other relevant information.

I am deeply grateful for all of the people who have appeared on this video. I am still in process of editing all of the sessions. Each presentation will be a bit different as I receive feedback and input from each focus group that sees it. I will be scheduling full viewings of the entire curriculum this August.

I want to thank Bill McKibben for sitting down with me when he was in Seattle this week. And, I also thank Yes! Magazine for allowing me some of Bill's time while he was here to speak for their event.

This is my first attempt at video making. My hope is to build a whole series of curricula on spiritual practices called "Rhythms of Life." If you are interested in partnering with me on this venture, give me a shout!

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