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Friday, February 16, 2007

progressive magazines and their changes

Here is a recent article by G. Jeffrey MacDonald in the Chicago Tribune called "Liberal Christian Magazines are Stumbling," which deserves a posting. What are your thoughts? Why are liberal magazines having a difficult time sustaining themselves? There are a lot of liberals/progressives who yearn for better information and a stronger community. There are liberal and progressive Christians who feel out of place in the hosues of worship. One would think that these pubs would offer something needed and valuable.

"It's never been easy to make ends meet while putting out a progressive Christian publication. But in an ironic twist, a re-energized religious left may be making a tough task even harder.

That's one key observation from watchers of liberal Christianity who are trying to explain why progressive magazines and journals have been dying just as the broader movement seems to be gaining fresh traction."


Mystical Seeker said...

Is it possible that progressive Christians are turning to other sources besides the print media, such as the internet? Another things is that I never even see any of these progressive Christian publications in bookstores. Never seen a copy of Christian Century at my local Borders, for example. Maybe it is hard for people to actually find these magazines because they don't even know that they exist.

rev katie m ladd said...

Excellent comment. I think you have something. I also take a look around when I'm in "progressive" stores to see what mags they have. I see 'zines, Mother Jones, the Nation, and even small eco journals. I even see Yes Mag (locally published) but not Sojourners, Christian Century, or other clearly Christian mags. Good point. I wonder if we could get news stores to sell them?

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