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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Advent Candle #2 - Love

I received an email asking me to post all of the Advent candle readings that we will be using this year. In respose, I am posting this week's reading for the second candle, which will focus on love. Our overall theme for the season is "God's Peaceable Kingdom."

Advent Candle #2 - Love

We light this candle in the love of God. During Advent God pierces the darkness of the world with Divine light and love. We wait for Christmas Day when the Christ child - God's love for us - will born into the world. The holy infant will grow into God's promised Anointed One proclaiming God's peaceable kingdom in which love will overwhelm the limits of our world. Christ is coming. God’s kingdom is coming. And we are God’s children who are invited to walk in the light of the Lord as we wait in love for that glorious day.


Jeff in Ohio said...

You've crafted a wonderful blog site! Thank you in particular for your "Advent Candle #2 - Love" posting. With minor modifications to fit our specific congregation, I will use it as the backbone of our candle- lighting ceremony Sunday.

Keep blogging, and thanks for sharing your ideas!

rev katie m ladd said...

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you find the blog helpful. Happy Advent.

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