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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

CBS' "In God's Name" Video Online

A few posts ago I recommended a special on CBS called "In God's Name." If you missed it, CBS has now put the entire video online. To watch it, go here and click on "new."

As I celebrate these twelve days of Christmas (yes, believe it or not, Christmas just began!), I intend to celebrate the power of God's Light that splinters our darkness, God's Word that proclaims peace and justice, God's Incarnation found in the weak and vulnerable, God's Love that explodes my preconceptions and prejudices, and God's Grace which is beyond my understanding.

Terrible things are done in God's name. No better time than Christmas can call Christians to re-examine our actions and to correct them. We are, after all, followers of the Prince of Peace.

UPDATE: CBS appears to have removed this video from their playlist. It can be watched on YouTube. Here is the first part...follow YouTube links for the rest.

You can still read about the film at CBS.

The documentary has been put into book form and is available.

Beyond that, I do no know where you can purchase the vide.

Merry Christmas.


gavin richardson said...

i recorded the "in God's name" showing. will watch it sometime when i get home. till then, may we all be lights unto this world. Merry Christmas! shalom, -gav

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Would you know if this special, In God's Name, is available to buy on DVD/Video? I did not get to see all of it and would love to have the opportunity to view all of it...as well, I know I'd like to be able to see it over & over again ~ Any information you could pass along would be greatly appreciated ~ Thank you in advance ~ Theresa K. Cicco

Trevor Caesar said...

In God's Name was special. I also enjoy holiday poems.

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