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Monday, March 31, 2008

Seeds of Compassion Welcomes the Dalai Lama to Seattle

I am so excited that my church has 65 tickets to the InterSpiritual Day on April 15. Joining His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sister Joan Chittister, Doug Pagitt, Dr. Ingrid Mattson (Pres. of the Islamic Society of North America), Rabbi David Rosen (Chairman of the Intl. Jewish Committee on Interreligious Dialogue), Roshi Joan Halifax (Zen Buddist Master), Rob Bell (Pastor Mars Hill Bible Church, Grandville, MI), Pravrajika Vrajaprana (Hindu philosopher, teacher, writer), Bishop Steven Charleston (Pres. and Dean of Episcopal Divinity School, Linda Kavelin-Popov (co-founder, Virtues Project), the Rev. Samual B. McKinney (civil rights leader, pastor emeritus of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Seattle), Fr. William Treacy (founder of Camp Brotherhood), Ahmed Tijani Ben Omar (Muslim scholar and spiritual leader), Guru Singh (Sikh philosopher and leader), and Steven Shankman (UNESC( Chair in Transcultural Studies).

This at-capacity event (10,000 people) is a panel discussion about the core value of compassion in all religious traditions and how children need to learn compassion from an early age.

I am looking forward to this event, along with several others that I will be attending during the Seeds of Compassion week long event in Seattle.

For more info, go to Seeds of Compassion's website. There you will learn about the various fora and learning opportunities available during the week.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,
I've found your note "googling" about Dalai Lama and Seeds of Compassion.
To make a long story short I'm in a desperate need for hope and I wonder if there is a chance that I might get a ticket for the event you take part in - Interspiritual Panel Discussion on Tuesday, April 15. I would be absolutely most greatful ever.
With highest regards, Bozena Mikolajonek

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