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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jacob and Esau: Heaven and Earth and the Climate Change Summit

In a video diary from his journey from Israel to Copenhagen, Rabbi Michael Kagan speaks about climate change and humankind's responsibility for balance within creation. In his first entry he teaches from the Bible using the images of Esau and Jacob. Jacob and Esau represent Heaven and Earth; Jacob, loved by his mother is ethereal - heaven. Esau, loved by his father, is a hunter - earth. Both are needed for harmony, wholeness, completeness. In his dream, Jacob sees a ladder stretching from Earth to Heaven. According to Rabbi Kagan, we are the ladder. If the ladder is broken, Heaven and Earth are disconnected and all of creation is thrown out of balance. We are the ladder. We must not break our connection to the spiritual or to the earthly. We are needed to hold this great creation together.

Odyssey Networks is presenting videos of all kinds from the Climate Change Summit. Check them out.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but how does this relate to Jacob and the "man in black" on Lost? : )

Rev Katie M Ladd said...

I personally can't wait for LOST to come back for us to find out. This new (and last) story line is very interesting!

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