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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

2017 @The Well

Public Engagements for The Well 2017

This year's theme is Repairing the Breach. In addition to our Kids and Race workshops, which are constantly being scheduled, We have the following public engagements already lined up:

  • March 17 - Cornel West Workshop: Love as Prophetic Witness; Lecture: Art as Resistance. Co-sponsored with and hosted by The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. Tickets here.  
  • March 23 - Reggie Williams: Interrupting Whiteness: Harlem Renaissance, Black Christ, & Christian Ethics. Come explore how Bonhoeffer's discovery of the Black Jesus during the Harlem Renaissance changed how he understood humanity and divinity, sustaining him for resistance work in Nazi Germany. Tickets here. 
  • May 11 - Diana Butler Bass: Gratitude and Love: Sustaining Powers for Resistance. Tickets here. 
  • June 2 - Ron Finley: Gardening for Community. Gardening for Life. Tickets here. 
  • August 5 - David Zinn: Art for the Soul, Joy, & Community. Workshop on temporary, public art.  Tickets here.
  • September 21 - Rita Nakashima Brock: Moral Injury and Soul Repair. Tickets here. 

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