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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Children of Men - the Perfect Nativity Story

I absolutely LOVED "Children of Men!!"

I almost called this post "Children of Men v The Nativity: Supernatural Smackdown." In such a smack down, "Children of Men" kicks "The Nativity's" behind. The problem with this, of course, is that Children of Men isn't supernatural at all. It is Alfonso Cuaron's latest film in which the world has lost all hope - for a future and for its present. It is brilliantly held together by Clive Owen who plays Theo, a once-activist turned beaurocrat devoid of hope. Throughout the film we see Cuaron's take on the present and how much struggle we go through to recover hope. I am not going to write a review; I'm just urging you to see it. It's difficult to watch, but in a recent interview, Cuaron said that there is a lot in this world that is difficult. He got that right!

Here are some great interviews about the movie:
Cinematic Happenings Under Development interview with Cuaron
About.com's interviews with Cuaron and Clive Owen
BBC interview
Alfonso Cuaron on Charlie Rose

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